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They often risk their souls in order to contain the powers they sumon and more often than not, are consumed by the very thing that once served them.But those few with true talent and potential make powerful allies and unstoppable enemies.

A Demon Magus is extremely restricted in their spell casting and can only cast a limited number of spells, which they prepare ahead of time.

Years of study and training must be spent before even the most powerful of conjurers attempt to summon a demon.

But with enough time mastering the craft, a Magus can become demon-like himself and even take on the attributes of the monsters they summon.

Culture and Life The Spell Wing's culture is a lot like the Ice Wing culture.

You know exactly who has the power and who doesn't, but instead of "circles" they have "points" on a line. Point 1 being extremely powerful ,and point 13 being poorer than poor.

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Design Note: A revamped version of the "Demonbinder" Class this is a bit simpler to use and with more "cool" abilities.

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