Adaptive neural networks for model updating of structures

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The neurophysiological knowledge made the creation of simplified mathematical models possible, which can be exploited in neurocomputing to solve practical tasks from artificial intelligence.Technical Paper: Crossline Wavefield Reconstruction from Multimeasurement, Towed Marine Seismic Data and Its Implications for Imaging Technical Paper: Towards Improved Time-lapse Seismic Repetition Accuracy by Use of Multimeasurement Streamer Reconstruction Technical Paper: A Field Trial of a Multi-Sensor Broadband Seismic Streamer at the Oseberg Field Technical Paper: Simultaneous Anisotropic Tomography with Rock Physics Constraints - Gulf of Mexico Example Technical Paper: Crossline Reconstruction Using Aliased 3D Deghosted Up- and Down-Going Wavefields Technical Paper: Impact of Streamer Spacing on the Reconstruction Using Multimeasurement Seismic Data - Study Before and After Imaging Technical Paper: Quantifying Uncertainty in Final Seismic Depth Image Using Structural Uncertainty Analysis - 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Pressure Technical Paper: Geosteering Horizontal Wells using Resistivity Anisotropy Obtained in an Offset Vertical Well Technical Paper: Optimization of Frac/Pack Completions Based on Field Experience Technical Paper: Using Multiple Reservoir Measurements to Improve Subsurface Description in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: King Field Technical Paper: Completion Architecture: A Methodology for Integrated Well Planning Technical Paper: Design, Installation, and Results from the World's Longest Deep-Water Openhole, Shunt-Tube Gravel-Pack West of Shetlands Technical Paper: Alternate Path Completions: A Critical Review and Lessons Learned From Case Histories With Recommended Practices for Deepwater Applications Technical Paper: Cementing Deepwater, Low-Temperature Gulf of Mexico Formations Prone to Shallow Flows Technical Paper: Overcoming Deepwater Cementing Challenges in South China Sea, East Malaysia Technical Paper: Gravel Packing Wells Drilled With Oil-Based Fluids: A Critical Review of Current Practices and Recommendations for Future Applications Technical Paper: Seismic Pore-pressure Imaging in Deepwater Offshore West Africa Technical Paper: Integrating Diverse Measurements to Predict Pore Pressure With Uncertainties While Drilling Technical Paper: Deepwater Core Comparison With Answers From a Real-Time Petrophysical Evaluation Technical Paper: Improved Pore-Pressure Prediction and Mechanical Earth Model Estimation Through Binary Decomposition of Seismic Inversion Data in Subresolution Clastic Sequences Technical Paper: Insitu Characterization of Formation Fluid Samples - Case Studies Technical Paper: Optimization of Riser Design and Drill Centers With a Coupled Reservoir and Facility Network Model for Deepwater Agbami Technical Paper: Deepwater Batchset Operations Through the Magnolia Shallow Water Flow Sand Technical Paper: Reducing Risk and Cost in Diverse Well Construction Applications: Eccentric Device Drills Concentric Hole and Offers a Viable Alternative to Underreamers Technical Paper: The Power of Real-Time Monitoring and Interpretation in Wireline Formation Testing—Case Studies Technical Paper: The Missing Link—Identification of Reservoir Compartmentalization Through Downhole Fluid Analysis Technical Paper: Successful Application of a New and Unique Low Friction Frac-Pack Fluid in the Gulf of Mexico Deep Wells Technical Paper: Estimation of Formation Stresses using Borehole Sonic Data Technical Paper: New Solutions To Extend the Application Window of Horizontal Openhole Gravel Packing Technical Paper: Field Test Results of the New Combinable Magnetic Resonance Autotune Logging Tool Technical Paper: Lessons Learned From Combined Whipstock Operation: Set Whipstock/Mill Out/Cement Squeeze/Drill Out in One Trip Technical Paper: Risk-Based Reliability Engineering Enables Improved Rotary-Steerable-System Performance and Defines New Industry Performance Metrics Technical Paper: Innovative Cement Bulk Blending Solution Significantly Reduces Dust Emission and Provides a Safer Working Environment Technical Paper: Wide Azimuth 3D 4C OBCA Key Breakthrough to Lead to the Development of Hild Field Technical Paper: Field Test of a Flexible Pipe Integrity Monitoring System Technical Paper: Fluid Characterization using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging Technical Paper: Compartment Identification by Downhole Fluid Analysis Technical Paper: Improved Fluid Typing with NMR: Better Field Development Planning in Deepwater Nigeria Technical Paper: Quebrache--A Natural CO2 Reservoir: A New Source for EOR Projects in Mexico Technical Paper: CO2 EOR From a North Michigan Silurian Reef Technical Paper: EOR Potential of the Michigan Silurian Reefs Using CO2Technical Paper: Current Status of Enhanced Recovery Techniques in the Fields of Russia Technical Paper: Main Trends in the Development of Enhanced Reservoir Coverage by Stimulation in Russia Technical Paper: Improving Recovery from Thin Oil Rim by Simultaneous Downdip Gas and Updip Water Injection -Samarang Field, Offshore Malaysia Technical Paper: Single-Well In-Situ Measurement of Residual Oil Saturation After an EOR Chemical Flood Technical Paper: Fully Stochastic Screening and Ranking on Entire Reservoir Portfolios - A Case Study for Candidate Recognition for Waterflood Implementation Technical Paper: Analysis and Flow Modeling of Single Well Micro Pilot to Evaluate the Performance of Chemical EOR Agents Technical Paper: Pulsed Neutron Monitoring of the First CO2 EOR Pilot in the Middle East Technical Paper: Heavy Oil Characteristic Assessment for Field Facilities Selection Steam EOR: Case Study in Oman Technical Paper: EOR: Challenges of Translating Fine Scale Displacement into Full Field Models Technical Paper: Smart EOR Screening, Breaching the Gap between Analytical and Numerical Evaluations Technical Paper: Impact of Fluvial Geological Characteristics on EOR Screening of a Large Heavy Oil Field Technical Paper: A Systematic Approach to Evaluate Asphaltene Precipitation During CO2 Injection Technical Paper: Opportunities/Lessons Learnt and New Technologies for Redevelopment of a Mature Field Technical Paper: Development of a Full-Field Dynamic Model to Support Pressure Maintenance Projects in the World's Largest Clastic Oil Field, The Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait Technical Paper: EOR Advisor System: A Comprehensive Approach to EOR Selection Technical Paper: Introducing the Micro Pilot: Moving Rock Flooding Experiments Downhole Technical Paper: An Optimal Approach to Shale Gas and Oil Exploration Beyond North America Technical Paper: Feasibility of using Electrical Downhole Heaters in Faja Heavy Oil Reservoirs Technical Paper: Horizontal Alternating Steam Drive Process for the Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt in Eastern Venezuela Technical Paper: Flexible Cement Improves Wellbore Integrity for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Wells Technical Paper: Practical and Robust Isenthalpic/Isothermal Flashes for Thermal Fluids Technical Paper: Flexible Cement Improves Wellbore Integrity in SAGD Wells Technical Paper: Core Flood Investigation Into Asphaltene Deposition Tendencies in the Marrat Reservoir, South East Kuwait Technical Paper: Using Deep Azimuthal Electromagnetic Resistivity Technology and Rotary Steerable System for Geosteering Complex Sands of Bare Field in the Faja Petrolifera Del Orinoco, Venezuela Technical Paper: Reservoir Pathway Identification in a Fractured Carbonate Heavy Oil Reservoir Technical Paper: Coupled Reservoir Geomechanical Modeling of a Thermal Gas-Oil-Gravity-Drainage Project Technical Paper: Dynamic and Static Thermal Well Flow Control Simulation Technical Paper: Innovative Cementing Solution for Long-term Steam Injection Well Integrity Technical Paper: Simulating the Permeability Reduction due to Asphaltene Deposition in Porous Media Technical Paper: Improved Technique for Wireline Oil Sampling of a Tight Carbonate Reservoir in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (Kuwait/Saudi Arabia): A Case Study Technical Paper: Horizontal Well Placement Optimization for Heavy Oil Production in Girasol Field Technical Paper: Numerical Investigation of Potential Injection Strategies To Reduce Shale Barrier Impacts on SAGD Process Technical Paper: Maximizing the Oil Recovery through Immiscible Water Alternating Gas (IWAG) in Mature Offshore field Technical Paper: DFA Profiling of Oil Columns with Asphaltene Grading Technical Paper: Impact of Uncertainty of Heavy Oil Fluid Property Measurements Technical Paper: Case Studies on Simulation of Wax Deposition in Pipelines Technical Paper: The Potential Applications in Heavy Oil EOR With the Nanoparticle and Surfactant Stabilized Solvent-Based Emulsion Technical Paper: A Unified Wellbore Model for Reservoir Simulation Technical Paper: Modeling CHOPS Using a Coupled Flow-Geomechanics Simulator With Nonequilibrium Foamy-Oil Reactions: A Multiwell History Matching Study Technical Paper: Well Integrity in Heavy Oil Wells: Challenges and Solutions Technical Paper: Three-Phase Equilibrium Study for Heavy-Oil/Solvent/Steam System at High Temperatures Technical Paper: Thermal Properties of Formations From Core Analysis: Evolution in Measurement Methods, Equipment, and Experimental Data in Relation to Thermal EORTechnical Paper: Evaluation of Specialized Cement System for Long-Term Steam Injection Well Integrity Technical Paper: Dynamic SAGD Well Flow Control Simulation Technical Paper: Enhancing Efficiency of Steam-Thermal Treatment of Formations with High-Viscosity Oil Technical Paper: Heavy Oil Sampling with Wireline Formation Testers - A Global Perspective Technical Paper: A Unique Sand Control Screen That Enhances Productivity Technical Paper: Influence of Non-parallel SAGD Well Pairs and Permeability Heterogeneities on Recovery Factors from Warm Heavy Oil Reservoirs Technical Paper: Modeling Multi-tubing Wells in Reservoir Simulation Technical Paper: Long-Term Injectivity Test in a Field Characterized by a Tar Mat Zone Strives to Unlock Higher Reservoir Potential Technical Paper: New Steam Resilient Cement: Evaluation of Long-term Properties Under Extreme Conditions Technical Paper: A Unified Thermal Wellbore Model for Flexible Simulation of Multiple Tubing Strings Technical Paper: While Drilling Mobility and Distributed Temperature Profiles Applied to Matrix Stimulation of a Giant Carbonate Oil Field: A Case Study Technical Paper: Study of Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition Phenomenon during WAG Application Technical Paper: Specially Formulated Delayed-Breaker Systems for Water-Sensitive Formations Technical Paper: Viscosity Reduction EOR with CO to Improve Recovery of Alaska North Slope Viscous Oils Technical Paper: Mechanics of Heavy Oil and Bitumen Recovery by Hot Solvent Injection Technical Paper: Multi-Million Cell SAGD Models - Opportunity For Detailed Field Analysis Technical Paper: Fluid Composition Equilibrium; a Proxy for Reservoir Connectivity Technical Paper: Methodologies, Solutions, and Lessons Learned from Heavy Oil Well Testing with an ESP, Offshore UK in the Bentley Field, Block 9/3b Technical Paper: Understanding Heavy Oil Fluid Sensitivity for Seismic Reservoir Characterization in Middle East Carbonates Technical Paper: Practical Control of SAGD Wells With Dual Tubing Strings Technical Paper: Improved Methods for Estimating the Viscosity of Heavy Oils from Magnetic Resonance Data Technical Paper: Comprehensive Workflow for Wireline Fluid Sampling in an Unconsolidated Formations Utilizing New Large Volume Sampling Equipment Technical Paper: SAGD Optimization Under Uncertainty Technical Paper: SAGD Real-Time Well Production Measurements Using a Nucleonic Multiphase Flow Meter: Successful Field Trial at Suncor Firebag Technical Paper: Correlation of Fluid Properties and Geochemical Parameters with Heavy Oil Viscosity and Density on Trans-Regional Scale Technical Paper: Multimillion-Cell SAGD Models: Opportunity for Detailed Field Analysis Technical Paper: Integrated Use of NMR Logs, Petrel and Modflow in the Modeling of SAGD Produced Water Re-Injection Technical Paper: Glass Transition and Heavy Oil Dynamics at Low Temperature Technical Paper: Caprock Integrity Analysis of Thermal Operations: An Integrated Geomechanics Approach Technical Paper: Understanding Heavy Oil Molecular Functionality and Relations to Fluid Properties Technical Paper: Optimization of Stimulation Treatments in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Formations Through Effective Diversion and Real-Time Analysis Technical Paper: First Installation of Five ESPs Offshore Romania: A Case Study and Lessons Learned Technical Paper: Remote Real Time Well Testing—Experience in the Grove Gas Field in the North Sea Technical Paper: Collaborative Environment Infrastructure in Al-Khafji Joint Operations Technical Paper: An Integrated Framework for SAGD Real-Time Optimization Technical Paper: Remote Optimization Improves Drilling Performance in US Land Technical Paper: Wireline Formation Testing—Networking a Globally Distributed Team for Optimal Reservoir Characterization Technical Paper: Improved Performance in Real-Time Operational Support Processes via Application Process Workflow Optimization Techniques in Russia Technical Paper: Production Monitoring Using Artificial Intelligence Technical Paper: Enhancing Production, Reservoir Monitoring, and Joint Venture Development Decisions with a Production Data Center Solution Technical Paper: Digital Oilfield Implementation in High Pressure High Temperature Sour Gas Environment: Kuwait Oil Company Challenges & Guidelines Technical Paper: Integrating WITSML, PRODML, and RESQML Standards for Cross-Domain Workflows Technical Paper: Innovative Intelligent Technologies used for Production Optimization and Infrastructure Integrity Surveillance Technical Paper: Permanent Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Technology Applied in Mature Fields - A Forties Field Case Study Technical Paper: Efficient Use Of High Frequency Data Through Production Data Management System Implementation Technical Paper: A WITSML Enabled Workflow for Integrating Offset Well Drilling Risks and Events Into Well Planning and Execution Technical Paper: The Development and Successful Application of an Automated Real-Time Drilling Fluids Measurement System Technical Paper: Real Time Factory Drilling in Mexico: A New Approach to Well Construction in Mature Fields Technical Paper: Use of Horizontal Well Image Tools to Optimize Barnett Shale Reservoir Exploitation Technical Paper: A Field Study in Optimizing Completion Strategies for Fracture Initiation in Barnett Shale Horizontal Wells Technical Paper: Effect of Layered Heterogeneity on Fracture Initiation in Tight Gas Shales Technical Paper: Coalbed- and Shale-Gas Reservoirs Technical Paper: Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracture Treatment: A Tool To Improve Completion and Reservoir Management Technical Paper: Application of a Viscoelastic Surfactant-Based CO2 Compatible Fracturing Fluid in the Frontier Formation, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming Technical Paper: Optimizing Horizontal Completions in the Cleveland Tight Gas Sand Technical Paper: A Field Study of Coiled-Tubing Material Loss and Ovality Technical Paper: Anisotropic Stress Models Improve Completion Design in the Baxter Shale Technical Paper: Efficient Multifractured Horizontal Completions Change the Economic Equation in Latin America Through Improved Reservoir Contact and Well Productivity Trabajo Técnico: Las terminaciones eficientes de pozos horizontales multifracturados modifican la rentabilidad de América Latina a través del mejoramiento del contacto con los yacimientos y de la productividad de los pozos Technical Papers: Quantifying Proppant Transport for Complex Fractures in Unconventional Formations Technical Paper: Are You Buying Too Much Friction Reducer Because of Your Biocide?Technical Paper: Simultaneous Hydraulic Fracturing of Adjacent Horizontal Wells in the Woodford Shale Technical Paper: Barnett Shale Refracture Stimulations Using a Novel Diversion Technique Technical Paper: Successful Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments Using a Seawater-Based Polymer-Free Fluid System Executed From a Supply Vessel; Lebada Vest Field, Black Sea Offshore Romania Technical Paper: A Workflow for Integrated Barnett Shale Gas Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Technical Paper: Characterization of Hydraulically-Induced Fracture Network Using Treatment and Microseismic Data in a Tight-Gas Formation: A Geomechanical Approach Technical Paper: Optimizing Fracturing Fluids from Flowback Water Technical Paper: Overview of Tight Gas Field Development in the Middle East and North Africa Region Technical Paper: Modeling Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Fracture Networks in Shale Gas Reservoirs as a Dual Porosity System Technical Paper: A Multifaceted Approach for Controlling Complex Deposits in Oil and Gas Production Technical Paper: Utilizing Current Technologies to Understand Permeability, Stress Azimuths and Magnitudes and their Impact on Hydraulic Fracturing Success in a Coal Seam Gas Reservoir Technical Paper: Field Data Validation of a General Model for High-Performance Fractures in Deviated High-Rate Wells Technical Paper: Shale Gas Production Decline Trend Comparison Over Time and Basins Technical Paper: Successful Hydrofracturing Leads to Opening of New Frontiers in Shale Gas Production in the Cambay Basin in Gujarat, India Technical Paper: Understanding Gas Production Mechanism and Effectiveness of Well Stimulation in the Haynesville Shale Through Reservoir Simulation Technical Paper: Technical Limits of Tight Gas Fracturing in Oman An Innovative Exploration Approach that Incorporates Global Practices Technical Paper: Tight Gas Reservoirs: Geological Evaluation of the Building Blocks Technical Paper: Optimizing Fracture Geometry and Productivity in High Permeability Reservoirs Technical Paper: Understanding Production from Eagle Ford-Austin Chalk System Technical Paper: Generalization of Dual-Porosity-System Representation and Reservoir Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing-Stimulated Shale Gas Reservoirs Technical Paper: The Effect of Mechanical Properties Anisotropy in the Generation of Hydraulic Fractures in Organic Shales Technical Paper: Decreasing Water Invasion into Atoka Shale Using Non-modified Silica Nanoparticles Technical Paper: Crosswell Electromagnetic Tomography in Unconventional Well Geometries Technical Paper: Understanding and Predicting Fayetteville Shale Gas Production Through Integrated Seismic-to-Simulation Reservoir Characterization Workflow Technical Paper: An Integrated Approach for Understanding Oil and Gas Reserves Potential in Eagle Ford Shale Formation Technical Paper: Efficiently Developing Fayetteville Shale Gas Reserves: Percussion Drilling Solves Application Challenges/Reduces Drilling Costs Technical Paper: Successful Drilling and Deployment of an Open Hole Multistage Fracturing System in a Deep and Hostile Sandstone Gas Reservoir Technical Paper: Success Criteria for Multistage Fracturing of Tight Gas in Saudi Arabia Technical Paper: Application of Novel Technologies Helps Unlocking Deep Omani Gas Technical Paper: Optimizing Borehole Imaging for Tight Gas Exploration: Evolving a Go - No Go Decision Tree in Tight Gas Reservoirs of the Sultanate of Oman Technical Papers: An Effective Approach to Unconventional Resource Exploration in the Middle East Technical Paper: Design, Application, and Implementation of Well Intervention Services within a Deep HPHT Tight Gas Exploration and Appraisal Project Technical Paper: Wireline Formation Tester Complemented by Integrated Petrophysical Evaluation Characterizes an Unconventional Reservoir: A Case Study from Western Onshore India Technical Paper: Recent Advances in the Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs with Wide-Azimuth Seismic Data Technical Paper: Application of Reservoir-Centric Stimulation Design Tool in Completion Optimization for Eagle Ford Shale Technical Paper: Seismic-Based Heterogeneous Earth Model Improves Mapping Reservoir Quality and Completion Quality in Tight Shales Technical Paper: Unconventional Reservoir Development in Mexico: Lessons Learned From the First Exploratory Wells Technical Paper: NMR T Distributions in the Eagle Ford Shale: Reflections on Pore Size Technical Paper: Advanced Imaging and Inversion for Oil Production Estimates in Unconventional Resource Plays Technical Paper: Advanced Modeling of Interwell Fracturing Interference: an Eagle Ford Shale Oil Study Technical Paper: Improving Hydrocarbon Recovery of Horizontal Shale Wells Through Refracturing Technical Paper: What Does US LNG Export Mean for Future Shale Gas Development: How Many Shale Gas Wells Are Needed to Fuel a LNG Train?

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Technical Paper: Effective Use of Productive Surveillance Tool in Forcasting Future Production Technical Paper: Production Enhancement for Khafji Field using Advanced Optimization Techniques Technical Paper: Energy Balance in Steam Injection Projects: Integrating Surface-Reservoir Systems Technical Paper: CO2 Injection and Storage: A New Approach Using Integrated Asset Modeling Technical Paper: Selection of Infill Drilling Locations Using Customized Type Curves Technical Paper: On the Importance and Application of Integrated Asset Modeling of a Giant Offshore Oil Field Technical Paper: A Case Study: Production Management Solution "Back Allocation and Advance Well Monitoring" - Litoral de Tabasco Asset Technical Paper: Intelligent Field Centers (IFCs): Integrating People, Processes and Technologies to Optimally Manage Giant Fields Technical Paper: Integrating Data Mining and Expert Knowledge for an Artificial Lift Advisory System Technical Paper: Benefits Quantification and Change Management in Petrobras Corporate Program for Digital Integrated Field Management (Ge DIg)Technical Paper: Production Processes Integration for Large Gas Basin—Burgos Asset Technical Paper: Closing the Loop—Integrating Predictive Surveillance with Remote Control Operations Technical Paper: State-of-Art Digital Oilfield Implementation in Petrobras Campos Basin Technical Paper: Flow Instability in Deepwater Flowlines and Risers - A Case Study of Subsea Oil Production from Chinguetti Field, Mauritania Technical Paper: Real Time Production Surveillance and Optimization Solution Implementation in an Offshore Brownfield in Malaysia Technical Paper: Streamlined Production Workflows and Integrated Data Management: A Leap Forward in Managing CSG Assets Technical Paper: Building on PRMS To Quantify Risk and Uncertainty in Resource Reconciliations Technical Paper: A Fully Compositional Integrated Asset Model for a Gas - Condensate Field Technical Paper: Multilateral-Complex Well Optimization Technical Paper: A Dynamic Model for Simulation of Integrated Reservoir, Well and Pipeline System Technical Paper: Gas Field Production System Optimization Using Coupled Reservoir - Network Simulator and Optimization Framework Technical Paper: Production Forecasting for Shale Gas Exploration Prospects Based on Statistical Analysis and Reservoir Simulation Technical Paper: Using Dynamic Simulations to Optimize the Start-up Procedure of a Lazy Horizontal Oil Well Technical Paper: Gas Coning and Channeling Management in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs With Applications to the Akal-Cantarell Field Technical Paper: An Approach For Spreadsheet-Independent Reserves Management Tracking, Archiving, And Reporting Technical Paper: Initial Characterization of an Extra Heavy Oil Carbonate Exploratory Field Technical Paper: Integrated Production Operation Solution Applied in Brown Oil Fields - AIATG Asset PEMEXTechnical Paper: An Innovative Integrated Asset Modeling for an Offshore-Onshore Field Development.

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