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But this hasn’t stopped the sort of group responsible (Alan Sears primarily) for the publishing of a book called The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today from continuing down the path of its various crusades.

It’s also officially known as a hate group in Colorado, which eventually passed a pro-gay ruling in 1996, creating a law that explicitly prohibits discrimination predicated on gender identity and/or sexual orientation.Private enterprise, too, is now actively seeking expansion of our passenger rail network: According to their website, The Association of Independent Passenger Rail Operators (AIPRO) was established to actively promote the expansion of passenger rail service in the United States of America.Our core mission is to positively promote an understanding of the public benefits of our nation’s current passenger rail infrastructure, while seeking to proactively work with our partners in the industry to increase passenger rail opportunities through a dynamic and competitive marketplace.The ADF has even offered support to pass laws in certain countries that would call for mandatory sterilization of transgender individuals. Alliance Medical delivers fast access to medical scans in hospital and out of hospital settings.

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But the offense this decision caused wasn’t just stirred up by Jack Phillips, the owner of “Masterpiece” Cakeshop, who denied a gay couple their wedding cake.

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