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He wants only to cultivate the land of his hard-won farm near Azilum, but soon finds himself drawn into the escalating tension of the Whiskey Rebellion.

Her latest novel, Then She Was Gone, will be published in April 2018.

There is not much she likes better than digging into the rich, ancient world of the Bible, discovering new gems of grace that point to Jesus, and weaving them into an immersive fiction experience. Her charismatic musician neighbor, Hector, warns her to stay out of the basement after midnight, when a symphony of mysterious noise strikes up—laughter, clinking glasses, jazz piano, the occasional bloodcurdling scream—even though the space has been empty for decades.

Back in the Roaring Twenties, the basement was home to one of the city’s most notorious speakeasies.

Now the Israelites are experiencing peace in their new land, but Moriyah has yet to find her own peace. Seeking safety at one of the newly-established Levitical cities of refuge, she is wildly unprepared for the dangers she will face, and the enemies–and unexpected allies–she will encounter on her way. Category: Christian fiction, historical fiction | No Comments » Tags: A Light on the Hill, ancient world, bethany house, Biblical, christian fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Cities of Refuge, Connilyn Cosette, historical, historical fiction, Instagram tour, literary fiction, romance Posted By trish on January 10, 2018 • Paperback: 384 pages • Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks; Reprint edition (December 26, 2017) In the first book of a breathtaking new trilogy by bestselling author Beatriz Williams, two generations of women are brought together inside a Greenwich Village apartment —a flapper hiding an extraordinary past, and a modern-day Manattanite forced to start her life anew.

Because of the shameful mark on her face, she hides behind her veil at all times and the disdain of the townspeople keeps her from socializing. Connilyn Cossette is the CBA-Bestselling author of the Out from Egypt Series from Bethany House Publishers. When she discovers her banker husband has been harboring a secret life, Ella Gilbert escapes her So Ho loft for a studio in Greenwich Village.

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