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This sounded terrific, with a detailed, bassy soundstage that was much wider than you might expect from a relatively small box.

The arrival of the Soundbox coincides with enhancements to the Sky Q system, with voice control using the microphone in the remote now more capable.

But there will be a limited grace period st through 1 November 2012, when it will become mandatory.

Please note that a breathalyzer costs EUR 1 or 2 and you can find it in the following retail outlets: • In supermarkets • In gas stations • In drugstores • On-line websites Paris Paris, the City of Light, is well-renowned as a capital of culture, romance, history, art, fine dining and design. Landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and many museums and galleries.

In Formula 1, the engine roar is made punchier, and other popular sports like cricket, boxing and golf, have Q Sound enhancements too.

The Soundbox includes Bluetooth, unlike many soundbars, so it’s easy to play music from your smartphone without turning the TV on.

The Soundbox is an exciting and highly promising machine, but part of its appeal is definitely the price.

It is renowned for great food, great wine, cultural attractions of all kinds, art, and film.Two of the speakers shoot sound out of the back, where it bounces off the wall behind the TV, while the third sends audio forwards, including – crucially – the voice channel.The thin speakers found on flatscreen TVs and even the more substantial ones on some soundbars and soundbases often yield voice tracks which can be muddied by other parts of the audio.The box has been devised in conjunction with Devialet, the French high-end audio company whose products such as the Phantom speaker regularly cost over £1,400.It has six woofers and three full-range speakers in a case designed to prevent vibration.

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