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The approach I took was to bang on ffmpeg for a while until it gives me what I want (as ffmpeg has also been ported to Win32, this might also mean my code would be reasonable portable to Windows as well).After stumbling on a few different examples of ffmpeg sorcery (such as streaming the webcam over SSH into mplayer on another system), I finally figured a way to grab images out of it from within Perl.

Based on the results of this study—and more than 25 years of clinical experience—I have concluded that it’s not the of a sexual or romantic act that cause the most pain and do the most damage to a romantic relationship, it’s the lying, the emotional distancing, the loss of intimacy, and the disintegration of trust.For the first time ever, Chatter Creek is introducing an entirely new way for skiers and snowboarders to experience North America’s premiere cat-skiing destination.The 2017-2018 Winter will see the first ever groups of guided ski/board tourers enjoying what no group ever has before.I eventually pieced together the following ffmpeg command which activates the user's camera and streams the output as a motion jpeg (which seems to really be just a bunch of jpegs concatenated together, each one beginning with the jpeg magic number \x FF\x D8): With this I was able to open it as a filehandle and read all the jpegs out of it...and once I got a script put together that would write said jpegs into individual files, I started putting together my Tk webcam viewer! /usr/bin/perl -w # Perl/Tk Webcam Streamer and Snapshot Taker # Proof of Concept # Author: Casey Kirsle, use Tk; use Tk:: JPEG; use MIME:: Base64 "encode_base64"; # Some things that might need to be configured.

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