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One simple scam to loosen the users’ purse-strings is to demand registration or confirmation of age via a text message costing from 0.30 USD to 12 USD.

However, once the money has been spent no access is provided – because there is no content to access.

For example, Russian Internet users have recently started receiving mails inviting them to “adult sites” supposedly connected with the popular Odnoklassniki (classmates) social network.

In addition, some of these bogus sites also asked for a phone number, potentially sparking a torrent of mobile spam.

These fake sites not only pose risks associated with phishing or malware – they can also jeopardize the wealth of the unwary user.

The more romantic authors of these letters target potential victims registered on dating sites.

The girl, who is allegedly writing the email, usually lives in a distant, war-torn African country.

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