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In the meantime, he recommends that one noodle at the IPO and subsequent stock performance of NDLS.

First of all, it's fairly likely that this will jump on the IPO day if the overall market stays roughly similar to the current conditions. Because restaurant IPOs have been jumping no matter what, including NDLS and given its NYC roots, a lot of people who buy stocks will find it comfortably familiar.

Q: Concerning WSN, how did it all begin and where you are now?

A: In my mid to late 20s I became increasingly interested in connecting more meaningfully with my Middle Eastern roots and meeting like-minded Iranian expatriates. From there we launched Arab Lounge, Hye Singles (Armenian), Jamaican Dating, Eligible Greeks, Islamic Marriage and many others.

We are profitable, growing and have a few media partnerships that will soon be announced.

Q: Why did it take longer to get WSN and Arab Lounge to the Arab region?

Oh yes, and the same-store growth has slowed down to next-to-nothing from pretty damn good in years past.

So go ahead, buy this 5 million in profit for a billion for the long haul because your manhood depends on it and because burgers are what America is all about. — A lady wouldn't flirt with strangers She'd have a heart, she'd have a soul A lady wouldn't make little snake eyes at me When I've bet my life on this roll So let's keep the party polite Never get out of my sight Stick with me, baby, I'm the fella you came in with Be a lady Luck, be a lady, Luck, be a lady Tonight Those are such great quotes. You can make a hundred billion dollars like the Walton family has done, but Runyon's 6:5 grind ensures you will ultimately lose.

I also co-founded Event Now, an online service connecting users who are having an event or party with pre-screened vendors.

It was started by a diversified restaurant operator with multiple brands but curiously only this part is going public. Who knows, but most likely because you can build the restaurants cheaply as they are self-described "shacks", and the other ones are more substantial in nature.

Now imagine yourself as a large, slow-growing company that wants to make a billion dollars.

I have also recently started doing some angel investing.

Some of the startups that I am involved with include Broker Roster, Kohort, Trek Traka, a soon to be launched music streaming service for the MENA region.

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