Dns server reverse lookup zone not updating

You then have to run Network Monitor from the DNS server.The Network Monitor driver is automatically installed when you install Network Monitor.In order to capture frames, you have to install the Network Monitor application and the Network Monitor driver on the server where you are going to run Network Monitor.The Network Monitor driver makes it possible for Network Monitor to receive frames from the network adapter You can .You can use the DNS performance counters to generate statistics on: You can use Network Monitor to monitor network traffic, and to troubleshoot network issues or problems.

System Monitor can track various processes on the Windows system in real time.You can access Event Viewer from the Administrative Tools folder.A Windows Server 2003 computer running as a DNS server has an additional log displayed in Event Viewer, called the DNS Server log.For example, if you wanted to set up a separate DHCP zone for handing out addresses to untrusted wireless clients versus trusted clients, or if you wanted to do something more awesome like implement the Upside-Down-Ternet, you’d need something a lot more configurable than the little NAT router’s applications.There are lots of options, but it’s easiest to just pull out the big guns and set up BIND9, the current version of the DNS software that powers the Internet, along with the ISC’s DHCP server.

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