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Be interesting if morning sickness kicks in, as I've already been through 3 months of it!! I have had one ultrasound about 4 weeks ago which showed a complex cyst on my left ovary.Since the blood tests were negative, the doctor is treating it as though it is a complex cyst and asked me to go back in for another ultrasound in 8 weeks.I only found out with my son at 26 weeks at a cyst check up ultrasound... So I must have gotten pregnant literally at the one before! Neg hpts but I have a pretty definate 25 day cycle. Test positive this morning (cheap & clear blue), phoned EPU and the lady I spoke to was lovely, but needed a GP referral, once again written off by GP, who said as blood test was negative I cannot be pregnant, had a feel of tummy, said she would be able to feel something at 12 weeks, she did refer me for a dating ultra scan, only on my request, and not an emergency referral, so could take weeks and I'll miss the vital 12 week checks.Really feel I'm hitting my head against a brick wall ...

The baby is growing just fine, but the antibodies serve to desensitize the mother to the h CG protein. There is a doctor who has been conducting a study that theorizes that this may be an evolutionary stress response.

I suppose what I'm trying to say, is I just want to know .... X My Gorgeous Girl - ❤️ Number 2 due start of April 👶❤️ Congratulations Melanie Of course you want definite proof and a scan would very much give you this; although it may be a few weeks wait for the GP referral, Laura has offered you an alternative which might be worth looking into. I did a clearblue digital this morning, and said 2-3 weeks, which is in line with this months dates ... I am certain that I am in the vicinity of 11-15 weeks pregnant.

so I think I'll just accept that until I go to my dating scan ... I have all the same symptoms from my first pregnancy, but have been having very light menses (2 days of spotting), and all of the tests (4 urine, 1 blood) have come up as negative.

I am going to test in the morning, depending when my night pee occurs! I had a cryptic pregnancy with my son who is now 4.

Funnily enough I posted a thread before about the same thing!!

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