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Most of the authors of this book participated in the conference.

l They were individually invited to contribute on the strength of their special expertise and original research results in this matter - in part directly deriving from the ERC project.

The recognition of the results of such analysis would indeed disturb the idillic clemency with which the epoque - concluded by the Shoah and another defeat in a desastrous war entailing the loss of close to one tenth of the country's population - is nowadays considered in official hindsight, as objectivated in its symbolic policies.

The regime of anti -Jewish exclusionism, legalised in the numerus clausus law 1920/XXV by the Hungarian Parliament, can be interpreted in negative terms as the combined outcome of three major developments in Hungary and beyond in several Central and Easern European societies.

The first volumes are in an advanced stage of preparation in English, but publications in other languages could also be included.

Each volume will appear in a paperback edition while remaining freely accessible via internet at the following sites : Victor Karady - Peter Tibor Nagy Contents Introduction 8 Parti.

The action for cultural organisation by count Kuno Klebelsberg/, (no indication of place) 1998; Peter Hencz, Grof Klebelsberg Kuno, a harmadik evezred minisztere, /Count Kuno Klebelsberg, the minister of the third millennium/, Szeged, Baba, 1999; Katalin Fenyves, When Sexism Meets Racism: the 1920 Numerus clausus Law in Hungary. ( 201 1/12); Csaba Fazekas, Collaborating with Horthy. Introduction experienced by the conveners of this conference to publish the proceedings of the event.

szdzadban, /Changes in the system of academic admission in the 20th century/, Budapest, 1910; A felveteli rendszer vdltozdsai a forrdsok tiikreben, 1871-1949, /Changes in the system of enrollments in the Technical University as reflected in the sources/, Budapest, 2001; Andor Ladanyi, Klebelsberg felsooktatasi politikaja, /The policy of higher education of the minister Klebelsberg/, Budapest, Argumentum , 2000; Andor Ladanyi, A magyar felsooktatds a 20.

The 136 activity of the Turul Association at Hungarian universities between the two world wars Part II.

Around the numerus clausus in Central- Europe Katalin Fenyves: A successful battle for symbolic space: the 151 numerus clausus law in Hungary Csaba Fazekas: "Numerus clausus represents a strong 165 national ideology." Bishop Ottokar Prohaszka and the closed number law in Hungary Tibor Frank: „AU modern people are persecuted".

Jrttik U Studies on the First Anti-Jewish Law and Academic Anti-Semitism in Modern Central Europe Edited by Victor Karady and Peter Tibor Nagy Research Reports on Central European History The numerus clausus in Hungary Studies on the First Anti- Jewish Law and Academic Anti-Semitism in Modern Central Europe Research Reports on Central European History Victor Karady and Peter Tibor Nagy (Editors) Volume 1 The numerus clausus in Hungary Studies on the First Anti-Jewish Law and Academic Anti-Semitism in Modern Central Europe Edited by Victor Karady and Peter Tibor Nagy Pasts Inc.

Centre for Historical Research, History Department of the Central European University Budapest, 2012.

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Bak: Memories about a segregated "Jewish Class" 244 in a Budapest grammar school - 1939-1947 Vera Pecsi: Chronology of the numerus clausus in Hungary 256 Authors 276 Introduction Introduction This volume offers a concerted set of studies on the impact of the Law 1920/XXV often recognised as aiming essentially to curb the high representation of Jews in Hungarian higher education.

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