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Even when there is no clear physical separation within the captured cinematography, the director continues to find it by framing a reoccurring composition: the camera is static, capturing vertical objects such as columns, fountains, trees, lampposts, etc., and placing them strategically at the center of the frame.

Martín and Mariana are slightly damaged people who live in buildings just opposite one another.

SIDEWALLS is a clever romantic comedy examining with charm how the architecture of a city conditions the lives of two of its residents.

Taretto pays homage to the city of Buenos Aires as he reflects on how urban chaos, as well as new technologies, can unite people but also keep them apart (as the sidewalls of the title).

Mariana's fear of lifts is a distinct handicap in this high-rise world, although she's more metropolis-friendly than her nearby neighbour.

can be translated as 'dividing walls', structures designed to keep things apart - in this case, obstacles on the path to romance.

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