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The modern Dating Dictionary is filled with metaphors that draw inspiration from seemingly every sphere of life.

From Tuning to Breadcrumbing to Peacocking, let’s look at what else is now a part of our love lives!

2] Now currently over run by Jo Bro, Twilight, and other trend band fanfictions.

3] Very hard to find a good story now on that site.

Those involved counter that it's simply a way to help people present themselves in the best possible light during the 'screening process', something that may not come naturally to many online daters.

Whatever the view, the services of the cyber Cyrano are proving to be recession-proof business – people will always be looking for love!

But more often, Tinder Tourists are your coupled-up friends who squeal with glee when, after several glasses of wine, you agree to pull out your phone and let them swipe along. For non-singles, peeking into the bizarre universe of online dating could seem like a schadenfreude-driven reminder of how much better their lives are since dating isn't a part of them.

While we were intrigued by Ghosting and Haunting that have nothing to do with supernatural activities and everything to do with relationships, that’s far from the end of it., Cyrano is a soldier and poet who falls in love with his cousin, the beautiful Roxane.Convinced, however, that his large, protruding nose will foil any chance of romance, Cyrano resorts to writing letters to her on behalf of one of his cadets, Christian, who is also in love with Roxane but just doesn't know how to tell her. Loving the adventure and everything it has thrown my way.I am very much into self growth and the fulfillment thereof.

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