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Not only does it make them less likely to catch a cold or flu, it can also improve the quality of their hair, skin, and nails.

Dr Debby Herbenick, an American research scientist and sex advice columnist, said: ‘Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long.’ Dr Herbenick, author of the book Because It Feels Good, added: ‘It makes you stronger and more beautiful too: Morning sex can strengthen your immune system for the day by enhancing your levels of Ig A, an antibody that protects against infection.

This is a sad, boring, aimless way to structure a sex life.

If sex were dinner plans and capitalism were a dinner partner, this is humans saying, “I don’t know, you decide.” We have sex at night and on weekends because we’re not at work.

At night, people fight the urge to sleep triggered by getting under the covers at 11 p.m., then get revved up by sex only to pass out again.

A study at Queens University in Belfast found that having sex three times a week could actually halve the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Some would use this time to chat with family members or read a bit. According to the BBC, a French medical manual from the 1500s counseled couples to have sex “after the first sleep” instead of at night after a full day of work because “they have more enjoyment” and “do it better” after resting.

A now-famous study in 1992 found that human participants who spent the majority of their days in darkness naturally fell into sleep cycles that comprised two four-hour periods, separated by a one to two–hour period, just like their forbearers.

And women worried their partner will not be willing to participate in an early morning session, may find it surprisingly easy to coax their men into a bout of passion.

'While he sleeps, the testosterone he’ll use for the upcoming day accumulates,' says Gabrielle Lichterman, author of 28 Days.

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If humans want to get the most out of their sexual encounters, we need to break free from the strictures of just-before-bed sex and embrace the promising potential of sex at a far better time of day: morning.

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