Nail chronology as an aid to dating old buildings

If you have ever felt a sense of excitement and mystery going inside an old building—whether occupied or vacant—it is probably because its materials and features resonate with the spirit of past people and events.Yet excitement about the unknown is heightened when a historic structure is examined architecturally, and its evolution over time emerges with increasing clarity to reveal the lives of its occupants.

Some genuinely old that most online dating sites and today mainly because Headed Cut Nails new people.Investigation for preservation work can entail more detailed information about an entire building, such as determining the physical sequence of construction to aid in interpretation.Investigation for a restoration project must be even more comprehensive in order to re-capture the exact form, features, finishes, and detailing of every component of the building.Whether investigation will be undertaken by professionals-architects, conservators, historians-or by interested homeowners, the process is essentially comprised of a preliminary four-step procedure: historical research, documentation, inventory, and stabilization.Primary historical research of an old building generally encompasses written, visual and oral resources that can provide valuable site-specific information.

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