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These can be plucked to produce sounds, whilst the bowl itself can be rotated through varying degrees to adjust the pitches of the constituent tones.

Each sensor can be controlled separately, or through the movements of the bowl.

is a digital spray can specifically designed to paint digital canvases.

It implements the attributes of a real spray can or at least trys to achieve them as natural as possible.

It started as a curious side project, and was mentioned on Engadget, Digg, Hack-A-Day and Gizmodo.Reconquering Digital Urban Space by Students of University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt urbanpulse (Silke Hilsing) A minimal installation for haptic feeling the Music Technology at the Music Research Centre, University of York, UK.In doing so one can key into a terminal a short sentence.Whoever manages to hold onto the display the longest is the winner.

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(4 speakers and a sub) The Sonic Body was inspired by the traditional practice of listening to the body to diagnose illness, and began as an investigation into the scope of sonic activity that exists within the human body.

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