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Make sure you are on Ruby 2.2.2 version or greater, before you proceed.In Rails 4.2, an Active Record model inherits from in Active Record and Active Model, then the entire callback chain is halted.With this option turned on, forms in your application will each have their own CSRF token that is specified to the action and method for that form. In the next version, these errors will no longer be suppressed.Instead, the errors will propagate normally just like in other Active Record callbacks.Previously Rails would render files using the ERB template handler.If you do not want your file to be handled via the raw handler, you should add an extension to your file that can be parsed by the appropriate template handler.

def process(name) super(name) rescue Argument Error = Rails 5 now supports per-form CSRF tokens to mitigate against code-injection attacks with forms created by Java Script.

When changing Rails versions, it's best to move slowly, one minor version at a time, in order to make good use of the deprecation warnings. You can find a list of all released Rails versions here.

Rails generally stays close to the latest released Ruby version when it's released: Ruby 1.8.7 p248 and p249 have marshaling bugs that crash Rails.

When you are ready, you can opt into the new behavior and remove the deprecation warning by adding the following configuration to your class instead. Autoloading is now disabled after booting in the production environment by default.

Eager loading the application is part of the boot process, so top-level constants are fine and are still autoloaded, no need to require their files.

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Before attempting to upgrade an existing application, you should be sure you have a good reason to upgrade.

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