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"Old men always want a young dolly bird, and the plainest girls still like to think they can get themselves a millionaire," says Stella waspishly.Today, she still sports the steely, scrutinising gaze that has been her principal professional tool during her 50-year career - a career she fell into by accident to distract herself from an unhappy marriage of her own (the irony of that inconvenient fact does not, of course, escape her).She matched her very first client, a shy widow in her early 40s who was looking for a new partner to help with the upbringing of her young children.

It was the Forties and, quite simply, respectable girls just didn't do that sort of thing. Now aged 83, she can lay claim to the title of the country's oldest and most long-standing matchmaker, still dispatching affairs of the heart at the country offices of her own dating agency.

The subscriptions are now open for the event Entrepreneurship in Flanders, which will take place on the 27th of October in Ghent. You may have heard of Key Enabling Technologies (KET's) but you wonder what this exactly implies and it can do for you.

The 6 KETs are: micro-and nanoelectronics, photonics, nanotechnology, industrial…

In fact, despite Stella's unhappiness, the couple remained married for 14 years, during which time Stella fell pregnant, aged 38, with the couple's daughter, Emma.

By then working as a journalist on her local newspaper in Sheffield, where the couple had settled, Stella knew she would be unable to continue with her career but, with a stultifying marriage, was aware she needed something else to distract her.

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