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when do you forward cute text messages to boyfriend or girlfriend when you are lack of connecting medium between you and her. Love is 9t about finding the right person, bt creating the right relationship. Love is 9t about finding the right person, bt creating a right relationship.It is tough to express your feelings and emotions everyday. They carry your emotions and make him/her know that how deep you love her. It's 9t about how much love U hve in the beginning bt how much love U build till the end, bcoz love is all Thr is. If I died or went somewhere far I'd write Ur n Me on every star so every1 could look up nd see U mean the world 2 me. If U see a falling star, don't wonder why, just make a wish. Skip to content Search for: Finally you have got the Tinder Online App in your PC and can now use its online service to new u.However, Tinder only supports app version, there is no PC and Mobile version, maybe this is a great defect.What happens if your girlfriend does not love you but you still love her and want to impress her by any ways.

~ Alfred Lord Tennyson ♥ My night has become a sunny dawn bcoz of U.

Mine would be tht our love would last until U see an apple in an orange tree. Thn, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart.

♥ If 10 people c R 4 U, 1 of thm is me, If 1 person c Rs 4 U tht would be me again, If no 1 c Rs 4 U tht means I M 9t in this world. If U hate me, shoot me with an arrow, bt please 9t on the heart bcoz tht's where U R! ~ Robert Sex2n ♥I climbed up the door nd opened the stairs said my paj Mas nd put on my prayers all bcoz U kissed me goodnight.

If love can be avoided by simply closing our eyes, thn I wouldn't blink at all 4 I don't want 2 let a second pass having fallen out of love with U. This are very loving for all types of relationship.

I used 2 think tht dre Ms do 9t come true, bt this quickly changed the moment I laid my eyes on U. ♥ If I had the letters "HRT", I can add "EA" 2 get a "HEART" or a "U" nd get "HURT".

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