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He had no interest in having his picture in the papers again. One day, D’Arco watched with surprise as Cuomo bolted out of the pizzeria to his Cadillac parked in the lot next door.

Then he jumps in another car and takes off.” The pie man returned an hour later, acting as if nothing had happened. D’Arco, who was justly proud of the fare at his own nearby restaurant, La Donna Rosa, regularly stopped by Ray’s for a bowl of Italian soup — pasta e fagioli. It was the best I ever had, I gotta give it to him.” D’Arco told the FBI that story and many others when he broke with the Mafia in the fall of 1991 after learning that his Luchese-family bosses were plotting to kill him.

And he was at the casinos in Atlantic City all the time, didn’t matter how much he lost.” He still had enough loot left over for side investments.

The chef ran a sports-betting operation, specializing in weekly football sheets. “He was a shylock, he had a lot of money out on the street,” said D’Arco.

Today, from witness protection, D’Arco recalled, “He was a stickup guy, taking chances on armed robberies.” But the pizza parlor and its adjoining clubhouse soon became headquarters for “the Prince Street crew,” a prime gathering spot for local mobsters.

“Raffie went into business with Charlie Brody and the rest of the Becks moving heroin,” D’Arco said.

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