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Blaine feels strangely compelled to sit down and talk with him… Now, he's a House Guest on one of his favorite reality TV competitions, he's sleeping in a crowded room and showering where any and everyone could walk in, and he's in an alliance with a guy he's sleeping with. Kurt's senior year is shaping up to be less than the perfect one he had dreamed of. Three years later, Kurt's at a strip club for his bachelor party and sees Blaine working. Or, after meeting a dazzling golden-eyed man, will Kurt even want to go back?The idea of owning a person disgusts him but soon he meets a boy that changes his mind. However, in order to succeed and be happy, he strives to take a step forward whenever he can. Blaine Anderson is a well-to-do, perfectly normal 24-year-old with no desire to step outside the bubble he has built around himself to keep the outside world from getting in and his inside world from getting out. Blaine is a cinematography student who agrees to help some classmates out with their end of semester project.Of course, life has its curve balls and sometimes you end up taking TWO steps back instead. On a whim, he visits a gay club one night where he sees a drag show in which the fabulous Elle Fabala performs, and he gets way more than he bargained for. Kurt is a fashion student who agrees to help his high school friend, Artie Abrams, when he suddenly needs an actor for the student film he's directing.Amidst the chaos of a film studio, Kurt and Blaine.13 Going on 30 AU: Tired of being bullied and taken advantage of, Kurt wishes he could skip past his dreary adolescent years to a time in his life where he is respected, successful, and happy.He might just get what he wishes for, but will it come at a cost?He left Lima, now getting to enjoy living in NYC with a boyfriend he cares for and a job on Fifth Avenue. Forced into an arranged marriage with a prince from another land, Kurt feels trapped in his role as ruler.

Kurt devises a plan and uses the holidays to let his neighbor know he's interested. In a world where legal slavery exists in all continents except Europe, Kurt Hummel moves back to Lima after years spent in France. Blaine COMPLETEBlaine Anderson-Berry hasn't had the easiest life - what with being orphaned as a baby and having the crap kicked out of him as a teenager. The pair start to restore a classic car together, but what will Blaine make of Burt's surly 27 year old son?

Kurt receives an unusual gift for his birthday that leads him to befriend a mysterious boy named Blaine.

They bond over a potentially dangerous secret, and Kurt finds that there may be more to the boy than he's been letting on.

With evil after him, will he recover everything that he lost before its too late? When Kurt gets caught in the middle, Blaine's true nature is unleashed. Registering at a mere 0.5 on the Hawkins Scale of Empathic Sensitivity, Kurt has resigned himself to a lonely life, empty of touch or true love. A story of Kurt who never had Glee or friends, and ended up homeschooled and alone, and of Blaine who didn't meet a beautiful stranger on Dalton's staircase, but a year later met Sebastian instead.

That is, until the mysterious Blaine Anderson transfers to Mc Kinley. Now, Kurt is just starting at NYADA, where he meets the resident gay Casanova, Blaine Anderson. Kurt must adjust his way of seeing things and living in order to live up to the Mark he's been given.

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But when it becomes too much, he goes away with Kurt.

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